Francesca Dallaturca, Giovanna's sister, has a workshop in the heart of the countryside of the lower Parma, after thirty years of experience in the historic center of Parma, Trecasali a name that encompasses the whole art and knowledge necessary to a good job: The Beehive, a privileged place where innovation without extreme customization, artist meet with the experience and the attention to detail of the seamstress.

It is she who explains his creative philosophy and how did this passion: «As a child I loved the fabric and my creative ability transformed rags and scraps. Even now, as soon as I have in my hands a tissue, I see now how to turn, I've always considered this talent as a gift»
So not only manufactures clothing : «No, of course , my production is mainly addressed to children 's and women's clothes , but also the realization of decorative objects for the home and garden , gifts and dishes, all carefully chosen objects and can make a special environment . The ideal place for those who love the sophistication and flees dall'appiattimento of taste».

Via Puccini 2
43010 Trecasali (PR)-Italy
+39 (0)521 878246
+39 366 5223113