Honey is an activity born from the passion of Giovanna Dallaturca for antiques, old things curious and flavor. For several years this project has found a home in the city center of Parma. The research is mainly in the reinterpretation of old antiques and their relocation in new contexts.

Giovanna, or rather Gio, so she is called, she studied architecture in Florence and, after a first experience on the side of her sister Francesca in Alveare, a workshop for tailoring and custom creations, he decides to follow his heart and investigate the his greatest passion: the antiques and Interior Design

Thus was born Honey, as well as sugary food produced by bees in the hive hardworking and shared sweet home: from the desire to do what best you can do. In 1992 the showroom of Trecasali completes its showcase. He devoted himself mainly to serve retailers, architects and interior designers, continuing to research the original objects and curious to offer suggestions simple but not banal. Thus was opened a shop in the center of Parma and a series of investments in the most important exhibitions in the sector, as Mercante in Fiera Parma, Modena Petra, Murabilia in Lucca and many other ", paying particular attention to garden furniture.

Chicco, her husband gives her a hand with this website along with Marco e Vitto and with the desire of everyone to show an intense work with passion and enthusiasm.